Playing the game is the reward

Life of a Tree

Welcome to the prologue of an epic inter-dimensional and interactive space opera, participate in the oldest of stories, of the race to find and control ancient and absolute power in the universe.Welcome to Life of a Tree, the ultimate gamification of real life and real trees, the global game with global consequences!While we work to launch the massively parallel real-world game Life of a Tree, we're inviting animators and artists, game developers, AI startups, consumer brands, influencers and celebrities, nonprofits and NGOs, entrepreneurs, and corporates to play in this grand theatre.

When Purpose and Profit align, all the People of the world and the Planets themselves can be reawakened to their full potential.PS - Are you a Developer ? Explore the Ecosystem, or read the FAQ.

Virtually Anywhere, Virtually Anytime

The Internet of Trees

Before the first season of Life of a Tree begins, and the first servers open to players, we're wiring up 10B Connected Trees globally. This tree cover is the basis of the resources of the gameverse. So help us terraform the Internet, starting with this first batch of trees. As a reminder, these Connected Tree cards represent real trees planted IRL (in real life) in various parts of the world.Buy your digital cards for the Internet of Trees across any geography we're connected to. More biospheres are coming online, reach out today to connect yours, or to start one in your part of the planet:
PS - Interconnected Trees are called Forests, so don't miss them for the trees.

The Yucatán

Where the ancient Mayan magic still exists, we're planting one billion trees on the Yucatán peninsula.

Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica, what comes to mind?Coming soon.

Sacramento, CA

To fix logging and forest fires, we're planting one billion trees in Northern California, starting with the Sac.

Connected Collectibles

Become a Giver of Life.

Each digital Connected Tree card is a unique collectible, and is connected to the actual seedling that eventually turns into the tree. Collect and grow your virtual forests, or co-create forests with friends and partners.Awaken your inner Tree-Consciousness. Om!

Natural Abundance, Now Digital

People + Planet = More Trees.

Life of a Tree is proud to participate in the FairShare Internet and to empower all members with a fair and transparent model of Community Commerce, where all Givers of Life are rewarded with fame, fortune, human connection, and spiritual progress.

Connected Tree


(a donation for the tax credit)

Every tree is premium. With your Connected Tree digital collectible card, you are automatically joined to a Birth of a Lifecycle.The first 10B trees are now available for purchase on the Internet of Trees.Let's get planting! 🌳 🌴 ☀️

Remember: We will begin the planting process of your seedling within a week of your donation. We will email you details on how and when to unlock your Connected Tree, and your tax credit information. Again, we thank you for being a Giver of Life and supporting Life of a Tree!

The Eternal Net of Karma

Each tree is inextricably linked to the vast interplanetary power struggle to come. Unbeknownst to any, a few rare trees have already begun to mutate, ensuring their fruit will possess unparalleled dark energy, and their unlucky owners will possess power beyond their wildest dreams. They will also be unable to control themselves...

Awakened Value Co-Creation

About Us.

Life of a Tree was born in the Awake Venture Studio and is structured to be a social enterprise that embodies the Effective Humanism movement. Founded by Amit Rathore, the Life of a Tree company focuses on a key pillar of human existence - ecology and climate, while other Awake Ventures address massively scaleable job creation, hunger, and entrepreneurship.

Life of a Tree quickly turned into a collective of serial entrepreneurs, operators, investors, influencers, celebrities, and all manner of nonprofits, NGOs, government bodies, corporates, and supporters and fans the world over. We're having fun working on challenging problems, join us and help us fix climate change, one billion trees at a time, cheers!

Beyond Web1, Web2, Web3

Connected Trees Ecosystem

Life of a Tree is itself a sapling of a business today, and our first milestone is 10M Connected Trees sold (donated), on the way to 10B. Upon achieving this first milestone, we'll deliver several apps across an ecosystem of functionality and value.Life of a Tree is built on an advanced technology backbone, purpose-built for a new fair and transparent Internet economy. The LoaT product roadmap includes a range of apps and digital assets that interconnect and interoperate. Your Connected Trees will work across all these digital and offline experiences, we look forward to seeing you here, there, and everywhere!

Lots coming, stay tuned!

Connected Trees, Programmatic Trees

From Tree Sync to Tree Speak.

Life of a Tree is an open and programmatic multiverse built on open standards and open APIs. Everything in Life of a Tree is individually accessible and controllable, and can participate in programmatic experiences that monetize for businesses and dazzle consumers, all the while building social connections and feedback loops for AI.Reach out below to get early access to the technology ecosystem:

A New Reality Awaits

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we gest asked a fair bit:Q: What is Life of a Tree?
Life of a Tree is a game that’s part of a grand story set in a universe where every tree you plant in the game results in a real tree planted on Earth. It’s a fun way to make our planet greener.
Q: What's the Game’s Story
In the LoaT universe, players embark on a space opera adventure, where they become guardians of life, fighting against forces that threaten the universe’s balance. By planting trees, they harness the power to restore harmony.
Q: Why Trees?
Trees are super important—they clean our air and help fight climate change. We need to plant a lot more, and LoaT makes it easy and impactful.
Q: How Does LoaT Work?
You buy a digital tree, and a real one gets planted. It’s like a game and a good deed all in one.
Q: Making Money While Planting Trees?
Yes! You can earn by getting friends to play and plant trees too. Businesses can also join in and give back to the planet.
Q: Who Can Join?
Everyone! It’s simple and gives you a Tree Score to show off how much you’re helping.
Q: What's the Big Picture?
LoaT is a big deal—it’s a game that could get super popular, make money, and help save the planet. It’s a win for everyone!

Always On, Always Awake

Connect With Us.

Life of a Tree is proud to participate in the FairShare Internet and empowers all members with a fair and transparent model of Community Commerce, where all Givers of Life are rewarded with fame, fortune, human connection, and spiritual progress.Reach out to partner with us, or to collaborate on something specific: